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The courses we offer satisfies the employee Training needs required by Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, OHCQ, MSDE, and other Healthcare settings. Our courses provide continuing education and Training geared to help you acquire, maintain, and advance in this very rewarding career.

icon Assisted Living Services

Assisted Living is a residential program that provides housing, along with supportive services to individuals who are unable to live alone. The goal of Assisted Living Facilities are to provide assistance to residents without taking away their independence. Services that are provided within Assisted Living can be viewed with just one click below.

icon Health Care Services

We also offer various Health Care Services that are extended to individuals outside of the Assisted Living practice, of these services includes our American Heart Association certified CPR course. All of our courses and services are conducted with the utmost professionalism, and with the ultimate goal of assuring quality care and service.

icon Delegating Nurse

We offer Delegating Nurse & Case Manager Services for ALM/Owners who are in need of a qualified Registered Delegating Nurse to oversee and manage the health care needs of their residents. Our Nursing delegates are in compliance with The Registered Nurse Standards of Practice and The Delegated Nursing Function Regulations.


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Free Courses Available!

Jenerations Health Education will be offering a few FREE courses beginning Thursday, March 12th. View all the free courses being offered, as well as registration info. by clicking the link below.


The Medicare Maze

What is covered or not? Join Sherry Kolbe, Coordinator of the State Health Insurance Assistant Program, on March 11th at 11am, at Baltimore County Department of Aging for a discussion to learn what services Medicare does and doesn’t cover. Click below to see dates of future discussions. To register, contact the appropriate senior center.


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Our Next Webinar: March 23rd at 2pm.


Vital Sign Blood Drive

Blood Drive today from 1pm-4pm.



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