RN TO CEO; Changing Lanes




Even through trials and tribulations, wins and losses, ups and downs never doubt hard work, dedication and faith; Perseverance and consistency is the reason I’m on this journey of “RN TO CEO”. Changing lanes is what I had to do to travel this road. Understanding my current and future lanes is what I need to know to stay here. I’m excited to announce the release of my first book, that tells the story of my journey as well as 9 other Nursepreneurs journeys. We all have sacrificed at some point, given up many times, cried many tears, been rejected more times than accepted but we never threw in the towel. We knew our purpose was bigger than any set back we experienced. We understood our wins would be far bigger than our losses. We hope our story can ignite the fire of purpose and potential in you. We want every nurse, future entrepreneur or current business owner to be inspired or motivated by our mistakes, losses and wins because we knew we were on our way from “RN TO CEO: Changing Lanes”. Read the book, be inspired and join the movement of empowerment and stepping out on faith. We are coming to a town near you!!


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